The Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development and Food Security (MED-SEC) is established as an interdisciplinary network of researchers engaged in research, education and policy making in the area of Sustainable Development and Food Security.

With evidence on climate change accumulating, the issues of sustainable development and food security climb high up in the international agenda. There is little doubt that global warming represents for mankind the huge challenge of making development sustainable. Hence, despite current efforts, both issues remain unsettled.

Clearly this challenge needs to be met on all levels of the political system, that is, institutions of supra-national governance, national governments and by sub-national actors. In addition, it requires not only strong effort, but also innovative governance practices. At the international level there is strong effort in this direction with the definition of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. However, the challenge has not received similar attention at national, sub-national or even at household levels due to its complexity and the difficulties encountered in policy analysis and design.