In 2010 George Daoularis and Elena Papadopoulou started their activity in the field of web marketing and in 2013 they reinforced their corporate shape with the participation of people with long experience in the field of marketing, branding, online communication, as well as in the field of arts and strategic policy communication.

Impressme Creative Communication is something more than a creative office operating in the exciting field of design and communication.

It is the strategic partner for any company or person seeking separate market positioning of products and services.

Impressme Creative Communication can contribute decisively in the creation of a strong brand, either by targeting in specific needs or by developing integrated project proposals.

In cooperation with specialized partners, we provide branding services, corporate identity, product identity, retail identity, web sites, e-shops, social media, above & below the line advertising, political communication, etc.

Guided by their passion for creation and communication, armed with experience and knowledge, along with imaginative look and a need to make a difference, their team develops and designs brands by implementing projects addressing to people with the goal of becoming part of their lives.