A Workshop on Investment and Financing along the Agro-Food Value Chain for Food Security and Sustainability will be organized in Athens, Greece on May 20-22nd by the Mediterranean Center for Food Security and Sustainable Growth (MED-SEC).


Food security and sustainable development are two major contemporary issues that despite previous efforts remain unsettled. In particular, countries in the Southern Mediterranean and the Middle East (MENA region) face major food security challenges. Not only will countries in the region have to produce more food to accommodate rapidly rising demand due to fast growing populations and incomes, but food systems are, also, under severe stress due to climate change, global population increase, a diet shift to animal products and resource degradation.

Achieving food security is the second of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Current approaches attempting to solve the food security problem use traditional supply-demand balances at global, local or at household level. The problem gets increasingly complex, in particular for the MENA region, when it is considered within the context of climate change and resource constraints, at a time of an accelerating economic and social transformation due to globalisation.

The Workshop aims to approach food security through the concept of Global Value Chains focusing on investment and financing. The concept of Global Value Chains provides a holistic framework for the investigation of the impact on food security of production, distribution and retailing activities of food, but also high value agricultural commodities. The policy challenge is to mobilize the huge capacity of small producers strengthening private sector development with access to local and international markets, investment financing and support to innovation and entrepreneurship along the entire food value chain. The Workshop will provide a forum for discussion and exchange of views on the use of the agro-food value chain concept in the investigation of investment and financing issues for food security and sustainability.