• INHERIT: An Erasmus+ programme on Sustainable Development and Cultural Heritage

    INHERIT: An Erasmus+ programme on Sustainable Development and Cultural Heritage

    Over the last decades, in an era of holistic and integrative thinking for sustainable development, cultural heritage is gaining attention of scholars and policy makers as an instrument for sustainable development. Critics consider use as a threat to heritage, leading to commercialization, exploitation and destruction.

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  • Guest lecture at AUEB

    Guest lecture at AUEB

    Professor Marina Papanastassiou was invited on the 9th December 2014 as a guest lecturer at the Economics Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Athens , Greece.

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  • Food Security and Sustainability.  Investment and Financing along Agro-Food Chains. Editors: Mergos, George, Papanastassiou, Marina (Eds.)

    Food Security and Sustainability. Investment and Financing along Agro-Food Chains. Editors: Mergos, George, Papanastassiou, Marina (Eds.)

    Includes topics such as Global Value Chains, responsible investment, green growth strategies, financial innovation, gender issues, agro-food supply chain dynamics and sustainability issues and recent advances in consumer behaviour

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Executive Director, Middlesex University Business School, London, UK

Dr. Marina Papanastassiou holds the appointment of Professor of International Business at Middlesex University Business School, UK since October 2012. Previously she held the appointment of Research Professor at The Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (2007 – 2012).


Professor Papanastassiou received her PhD in International Business from the University of Reading, UK in 1995. Her research interests focus in the areas of innovation and R&D strategies in multinationals and the network of their overseas subsidiaries and R&D laboratories. Growth strategies of multinational corporations; Foreign Direct Investment inward and outward, motives, strategies and policies. Global value chains in the textile and food industry; food security and foreign investment by large food and beverage multinationals. 

She has over 40 publications included in international refereed journals (such as Research Policy, Management International Review, International Business Review, Journal of World Business, R&D Management, Journal of Common Market Studies, etc) and book chapters in the analysis of multinational corporations’ growth and innovation strategies. She is a co-author with Robert Pearce of two books i.e “The strategic development of Multinationals; subsidiaries and innovation, London: Palgrave MacMillan” (2009) and “Multinationals, Technology and National Competitiveness, London: Edward Elgar Press” (1999).

She has taught extensively on issues of multinational strategies in undergraduate, graduate and professional programmes. She has 5 PhD completions from the Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece; Copenhagen Business School, Denmark; University of Reading, UK; and Abu Dhabi University, UAE. Her students hold tenured academic appointments in Universities such as The University of Kent in the UK, The University of Piraeus and Athens University of Economics and Business in Greece or executive professional positions. She is currently supervising two more students at Middlesex University and one at Abu Dhabi University. Since 1994 has been visiting scholar in a number of academic institutions in Europe, US and the Middle East including Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Abu Dhabi University in Abu Dhabi, UAE; Bifrost University in Borganes, Iceland; University of Paris I, la Sorbonne, EAM Paris, France; American College of Greece, Athens, Greece; Department of Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; University of Reading, Department of Economics, Reading, UK.

Since 1993 Professor Papanastassiou has participated in or led consulting and research projects commissioned by large private companies and international institutions including ESRC, UK on the innovation strategies of multinational corporations; IOBE, Greece on the overseas expansion of Greek multinationals; MITI, Japan on the analysis of US foreign investment in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s.

She is a Fellow of the European International Business Academy since 2011 and has been presenting and/or organizing the press launching event of the World Investment Report, the flagship publication of UNCTAD, in Greece between 2005 – 2013. She has served in a number of academic committees in the universities she held full time appointments whilst she was Director of the Center for International Business and Innovation, Copenhagen Business School, Department of International Economics and Management, Frederiksberg, Denmark between 2007-2008. She is the co-founder of the Mediterranean Center for Food Security and Sustainable Growth (MED-SEC), an international network of researchers focusing on issues of food security in the wider Mediterranean and MENA region.