The Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development and Food Security (MED-SEC) is established as an interdisciplinary network of researchers engaged in research, education and policy making in the area of Sustainable Development and Food Security.

Our People

  • Professor Marina Papanastassiou

    Professor Marina Papanastassiou

    Executive Director, Middlesex University Business School, London, UK

    Dr. Marina Papanastassiou holds the appointment of Professor of International Business at Middlesex University Business School, UK since October 2012. Previously she held the appointment of Research Professor at The Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (2007 – 2012).

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  • Ioanna Constantiou, PhD

    Ioanna Constantiou, PhD

    Expertise: Consumer Behaviour, Digital Ecosystems and Collaborative Consumption, Big Data in Strategy Making, Information Technology in Strategy Implementation.

    Affiliation: Chalmers University of Technology.

    Website: link

    Chalmers University of Technology

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  • Professor Nikos Georgantzis

    Professor Nikos Georgantzis

    Director of Research, University of Reading, UK

    Nikos Georgantzis is a founding member of MED-SEC and a Professor of Behavioural Economics in the School of Agriculture Policy and Development at the University of Reading. He studied Economics at the University of Piraeus and he has an MPhil from the University of Wales (UC Swansea) and an MA and PhD from the European University Institute (Florence, Italy).

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  • Professor Terence Jackson

    Professor Terence Jackson

    Area of Expertise: Cultural Management and Sustainable Development in Su-Saharan Africa

    Affiliation:, Professor at Middlesex University Business School, London and Rhodes University, South Africa

    Area of Expertise: Cultural Management and Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Professor Jackson has undertaken research on the management of international development projects and management of NGOs in Africa working with the International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC) in Oxford.

    Website: www.terencejackson.net, and on Twitter: @terence0jackson

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  • Dr. Ioanna Reziti

    Dr. Ioanna Reziti

    Expertise: Agricultural product supply, demand, and trade, agricultural markets, price transmission, food supply chain analysis

    Affiliation: Research Staff (Agricultural Economics) Centre of Planning and Economic Research, Athens, Greece

    Website: link

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  • Ahmet Ali KOÇ, Professor in Economics

    Ahmet Ali KOÇ, Professor in Economics

    Expertise: Major area of interest includes agri-food marketing including business model innovation, quantitative assessment of agricultural, food-quality and trade policies on agricultural markets, economics of obesity and malnutrition, rural and territorial development including social innovation, environmental and natural resource economics.

    Affiliation: Akdeniz University, Department of Economics, Antalya, Turkey

    Website: link

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  • Jyoti Navare, Associate Professor

    Jyoti Navare, Associate Professor

    Expertise: Risk Management; Finance (including socially responsible finance); Sustainability and Innovation, International Business; Corporate Strategy and Leadership; Business modelling; Entrepreneurship and SMEs; Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility; Consumer Behaviour.

    Affiliation: Department of Economics, Middlesex University Business School, London, UK

    Website: link

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  • Dr Jae-Hwan Park

    Dr Jae-Hwan Park

    Expertise: With his experience of UN-funded projects, Jae-Hwan has in-depth understanding on how MNEs can play an important role in improvement of the data quality and the data gathering process with respect to sustainability in developing countries. Jae-Hwan also researches various types of policy implications regarding institutional void in emerging markets.

    Affiliation: Middlesex University London

    Website: link

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  • Dr. Michael Polemis

    Dr. Michael Polemis
    Associate Professor in Industrial Economics

    Expertise: Industrial organisation, competition policy and regulation, agricultural economics, energy economics and applied economic policy.

    Affiliation: Economics Department – School of Economics, Business and International Studies – University of Piraeus, Greece.

    Website: link

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  • Ioanna Sapfo Pepelasis, Associate Professor

    Ioanna Sapfo Pepelasis, Associate  Professor

    Expertise: In the study of the theory and evolution of entrepreneurship and business organization. Research on the role of institutions and the history of economic development. Although emphasis has been on Greece now moving into the realm of international comparisons.

    Affiliation: Athens University of Economics and Business, Athens, Greece; Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Website: link 1, link 2, link 3

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  • Dr. Giuseppe Nocella

    Dr. Giuseppe Nocella
    Lecturer in Agricultural and Food Marketing

    Expertise: Giuseppe’s research interests lie at the cross-roads between theories of economics and psychology applied to consumers’ food choices, where he has explored contemporary consumer issues regarding organic production, food safety, GMO food, farm animal welfare and recently functional foods and sustainability of food products.

    Affiliation: Economic & Social Sciences Research Division – School of Agriculture, Policy and Development- University of Reading

    Website: link

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  • Professor George Mergos

    Professor George Mergos

    Chairman , National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

    George Mergos is a founding member of MED-SEC and a Professor in the Department of Economics, University of Athens. He studied Economics at the University of Athens and he has his M.Sc. from Oxford University, UK and his Ph.D. from Stanford University, USA in Applied Economics.

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  • Professor Antonios Rezitis

    Professor Antonios Rezitis

    Expertise: Price analysis (price transmission and volatility), market structure, efficiency and productivity.

    Affiliation: Department of Economics and Management, University of Helsinki, Finland and University of Patras, Greece

    Website: link 1link 2

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  • Maria Floro, Professor of Economics

    Maria Floro, Professor of Economics

    Expertise: Gender Economics, Development Economics, Development Finance. Issues: gender, informal employment, savings, credit, poverty and vulnerability, paid and unpaid work, urban food security, sustainable development.

    Affiliation: American University, Washington DC, USA

    Website: link 1 , link 2

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  • Dr. Constantinos-Vasilios (Costas) Priporas

    Dr. Constantinos-Vasilios (Costas) Priporas

    Expertise: Consumer behavior and strategic marketing with applications on services, retailing and food marketing

    Affiliation: Middlesex Business School, London, UK

    Website: link

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  • Dr Salma Soliman, Middlesex University Business School

    Dr Salma Soliman, Middlesex University Business School

    Expertise: Dr Soliman is a lecturer in International Management. Her research interests include public policy and human capital development with a focus on MENA. Before joining academia, Dr Soliman worked in management consulting across different sectors including education.

    Affiliation: Middlesex University Business School

    Website: Link

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Education & Training

MSc- Bsc modules

MED-SEC will be offering seminars, courses and modules and theses support on strategic, managerial, economic, policy making...

Executive training

Organize professional best practice training for government personnel (nationally and internationally) involved in the food value chain.

Summer Schools

MED-SEC can organize summer schools in selected locations in Greece in collaboration with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

Our latest workshop event

The workshop attendants

The workshop attendants

Investment and financing presentation

Investment and financing presentation

Professor George Mergos

Professor George Mergos